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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  February 16, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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don't you dare's. listen, we've told you about the customers that feel they're ripped off by this lock smith, now, they're not the only ones complaining about the local lock smith. we're here with the latest twist in the tale of joehorton. tell us. >> reporter: some new details popped up about this guy. we've caught him overcharging customers. now, he's put a lock down on popa lock. popa lock gets an a plus rating. now, they're feeling complaints because he's pretending to be them. >> reporter: this man has spent more than a decade building his business. his franchise has won awards for customer service. to see someone messing with his
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reputation is tough to take. >> that's atrocious. >> reporter: that someone is no stranger. it's joe horton. we've monitored him for months. frank trained him. >> i would like to say we never hired him or met him, but that's not the case. >> reporter: he worked for frank. he eventually quit. he moved out of state and when he returned, the others were shocked when complaints rolled into their office. >> i got calls on this. >> reporter: he's tied to his business through the internet. if you google the lock smiths, he comes up and it's his phone
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number. >> there's popa lock with a fictitious address and his number. >> reporter: they thought they got a reputable company, but not true. many of the customers were taken for a ride. the problem for mcgraph is they blamed popa lock. >> a lot of money to get our name out there and to have someone come in and overcharging customers, it's frustrating. >> reporter: he's claiming to go after horton legally. >> the best thing for him is to get behind bars. >> reporter: he was one of the witnesses in the civil cases testifying against how he's using his business' name. so far, no luck in getting
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google to pull his number. we wanted to know why he's listing his number under someone else's business. we've blown the coverage out on this. we've created a special page. all of the stories we've done are here. we've created a time line. you'll want to watch that and read the scripts and see how we got to the point. also, on the website, if you feel like you've been a victim by joe horton, everything you need to know is here. my favorite part, if you go back to the lock smith page, watch the confrontation with him here. hear what he has to say when we asked him questions face to face. abc2 news. great work, don't let up. breaking news we're following. let's look at 83 now. that's northbound. that's better than it was. at least, what, 10, 15 minutes ago.
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it's starting to ease up. this was backed up all the way from 83 to pedonia to the beltway here. 83 northbound, it's slow going around exit 17 and 19. that will put you north here. you may want to get off on north road to get around this. it's a heck of a lot worse -- well, better than moments ago. we have a solution to the carbon monoxide detective problems going on. the problem is, they're not required. school leaders are now taking action. kelly? >> well, carbon monoxide is dangerous, it's an odorless, colorless gas. people don't know when they're breathing it in. students were sent home yesterday. one was taken to the hospital. firefighters say that both leaks were in the kitchen near the stove area.
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we did some digging and the schools aren't required to have the detectors. 35 schools have the same equipment that dickey hill has," they're checking the issues from other schools. also, the district is working out a plan to have the detectors imstalled in all city schools soon. one has already been installed at dickey hill. we'll let you know more. not everyone knows how to manage money. here's a move to help you help your teens. they're pushing to add a financial literacy course to the graduation requirements in high school. >> it's a basic building block. what's a budget, credit, debt? how can i be prosperous.
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you need to have it as a graduation requirement. >> i love it. i wish i had that. some say that the lessons can't be incorporated. a harford county teen is dead and her boyfriend may face charges. after a head oncollision -- the 18-year-old and his girlfriend were out for a valentine's day lunch and he was driving on grier nursery road. he crossed the yellow line and hit a truck. ashley was killed in the crash. those who knew her are devastated. >> she was independant. she was a hard worker. she was very focused on her aspirations. she wanted to go to pharmacy
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school. >> well, her boyfriend just returned from marine boot camp. the driver of the truck has been released from the hospital. i wanted to tell you about a fundraiser for fallen firefighters. this comes after the tribute of mark falkenhan. his niece wanted to do something. she worked at five below, the fund raising drive is off and running. it's shop at five below, there's a flyer in hand and help others out. >> my uncle and i were close. he was a teen when i was born. he was at all of the parties and i hung out with him at the fire house. >> you have until saturday to shop at five below. you have to bring in the invitation to have the 10% off. all of the proceeds go to the fullen firefighters foundation
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-- fallen firefighters foundation. there's another crystal clear evening. man, temperatures are nice today. they'll only get better. we'll look at maryland's most powerful radar. we're not finding a thing out there. satellite radar trend is showing a few clouds out there in western maryland. we won't find much outside. we had 61 in winchester and 60 in dulles and cooler tonight. we have 43 in annapolis and 52 at the inner harbor. i think we're well above the 50- degree mark by noon. 64 and plenty of sun and cooler by 8:00 tomorrow night. we'll talk more about friday, coming up. turn off the lights and water while you're brushing the
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teeth. you're told to do that to conserve energy. now, the government may need to observe earth hour every year. it would require the state house's lights to be turned off on the last saturday of march. will this encourage people to conserve energy or is it just a symbol. all right, the internet is a great way to meet people. whatever you put online is out there for everyone to see. secrets are uncovered. we'll take a look at this connection with this senate who stepped down. plus, ken jennings held his own on round one. how about round two? 57 degrees at bwi.
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away above average and getting warmer coming tomorrow. we were actually three off of that. we'll try for the two degree winner tomorrow.
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a married congressman lost his job after sending picture of himself from a motel from here, in baltimore. the internet has changed many relationships and the nature of hankypanky. we'll look at social media and love. >> when you saw a good looking girl, you went up and talked to
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her. now, you face book her and you can find out anything about her that way. that's fine if you're single, but if you're married, the relationships can result in real life problems. >> reporter: love is in the air. really, it is. it's flying across networks and from phone to phone and computer and computer. a relationship isn't a relationship unless it's facebook official! >> face facebook official means if it's on facebook, that's whats the. if you're going out with someone, if it's not facebook official, you're not really going out with them. >> reporter: if you have a true love for them, put it on facebook. tweet it to the universe. looking for love, be ware, if you're showing off your goodies, the world can see them. don't believe it?
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ask this guy. this man took a picture and sent it to a woman he wanted to meet. not a smart move by a very educated and married man. >> a man wakes up one morning and he says, i'm going to photograph myself and search for a woman on the internet. no. there's a pattern of behavior he may have an issue. >> reporter: this is a counselor. social media is causing problems in relationships. it can embolden people to seek out new relationships. believe it or not, if caught, even after a million people know your business, sometimes, the original relationship can be repaired, but with work. >> the one he's -- who's done it has to feel remorse.
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i'll say, do you feel he's remorseful. sometimes the spouse will say no, he doesn't think he's done anything wrong. if that's the case, you have to do a lot of work with that. >> well, there are two other steps in that, restitution, the person with the relationship has to make things better with the partner. giving online relationships is a start. what goes on the internet doesn't just stay on the internet. the prefix www could be the big hit. >> thank you. facebook official. >> yeah, facebook official. we have all heard about groupon. you can get daily deals. we're searching for other deal sites. make sure you go to
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beautiful day across maryland today. look at this, sunshine. roger's forge. this is mrs. power's classroom. the students were rotating in. i told them what i could, jamie. they were still interested in television and the whole nine yards. we had a great time today. i wanted to say, they're a great school, topnotch, man. nice looking sunset. we had a beautiful night in the inner harbor. annapolis, gorgeous weather. there's a light chop on the severn. there's a nice view here. a lot of sailboats are out and about. you can see the moon rise early tonight. mount airy, no snow out there. there's a few piles here and
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there. not much snow left around. one more shot over the cheese peek from the rod and reel. beautiful weather. all right, crystal clear conditions and we'll expect that to hold up another two days. we'll have increased clouds friday afternoon. next chance of rain near monday. we have 52 down in southern maryland. that's at the naval air station. we have a light breeze out of the south. not much wind, nothing that chill you much highs today, getting closer to 60. i think tomorrow, we're well above 60, wherever you were today, add about seven degrees to that number and do that again friday. your forecast tomorrow, locust point, a beautiful little area there. right around the water surrounding you. maybe about 62 degrees. pikest-- pikesville, 64 degrees.
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more weather south. severna park, 64. clear tonight and clear tomorrow. maybe a few showers in western maryland. we won't have more than a few passing clouds. just a quiet weather pattern. looking up and down the east coast and into the certain part of the country, you won't see much. high pressure is offshore right now. the warmest air is bottled up across dixie and the deep south. we're already getting milder air offshore. this is going to keep the south flow coming and the warm air coming. we'll be closer to 70 by friday. we started out close to 70 by monday. our future caster showing a mix of clouds and sun. as we go into friday, we'll have a few more clouds building into the afternoon. breezy and not windy. this is the next chance for a few showers and cooler air coming in for the weekend. i wish i could tell you that
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the warmer stuff would hold. it will be a decent weekend and around 50 degrees and sun. 35degrees and clouds tonight. we may see a patchy area around daybreak. 64 tomorrow and today, we said 54. we got to 57. if anything, we're getting warmer than the models suggest. your seven-day forecast showing a great looking weather forecast. golf courses should be packed out the next two afternoons. guys maybe taking that extra half a day in the afternoon. how could you not. >> that's 72 rounds, coming up. who to you think won last night, man or machine. >> i wouldn't want to go against it. >> the machine won.
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ken held his own against watson and tied last night. there was a different story, watson raked in more than $35,000. now, he messed up a few questions. he didn't know who was buried at grant's tomb. >> going home tonight. we'll show you, here's a live look outside the window as we check the traffic. we'll be back in a second. [ bell dings ] ♪ on account of a broken heart ♪ on account of a dream that fell apart ♪ uh... ♪ on account of i tried to play it smart... ♪ [ horn honks ] wait, are you trying to steal my engine? my flirty eye... ♪of what are you doing? please, just don't hurt me. i'm being carjacked. i'm being carjacked. whoa! just please back away from the car! [ air hisses ] [ glass shatters ] oh, dear. my delivery. [ screams ] [ male announcer ] at carmax, we believe
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customer service shouldn't be a thing of the past.
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all right, here comes the weekend. >> yes, it's starting out on a good note. we're looking at good weather into friday. as we go into the second part of the weekend, it will be a bit cooler. do we have time to check it? >> absolutely! >> you had that look of anticipation. clear across maryland and 57 degrees. by lunchtime. that's as warm as we were today. that's by lunch tomorrow and 64 in the afternoon. enjoy it, saver it. we'll get a reality check saturday. thank you for watching at 6:00. we'll see you tonight at 11:00. have a great rest of your night. .
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